Do More Than Vote

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Do More Than Vote

Organize your neighbors Write a protest song

Know where your money goes Confront racist jokes

Study economics Demand ramps everywhere

Teach kids to think critically Distribute flyers

Show up at your congressperson's office at least once a month

Memorize the Bill of Rights Give gifts of radical poetry

Work with poor people; let them teach you

March for a just cause Write letters to the editor

Question candidates Come out

Refuse to pay war taxes Circulate a petition

Protest peacefully Fight your own privilege

Learn history Register five other people to vote

Deconstruct a popular movie Wear a button (and mean it)

Quote Helen Keller, Frederick Douglass, and bell hooks

Be a proud voice of dissent Hang in there

Live what you believe every day

Think Speak Act Rebel

Do More Than Vote

Copyright 1998 by Laura Hershey

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