Dottie Lamm Responds - NOT!

Carrie Lucas, a Crip Commentary reader and local (Denver) disability-rights activist, sent the following excellent email to U.S. Senate candidate Dottie Lamm's campaign office:

To: Dottie Lamm

My name is Carrie Ann Lucas and I am a student in my final year at Iliff School of Theology. I was disappointed that you were unable to come yesterday. I had a number of questions I wanted to ask you. Most specifically I want to know what your stand on issues of healthcare, assisted suicide and disability rights.

More specifically, I want to know whether you will support the confirmation of judges who will enforce civil rights legislation including the ADA. Will you support a hate crimes bill that includes crimes against people with disabilities? Will you work diligently to make sure qualified people with disabilities are appointed to boards and commissions that create policy and make decisions that are pertinent to people with disabilities?

Do you support healthcare reforms such as patients rights when dealing with HMO's? Do you support giving physicians the final say on what is medically necessary, especially when dealing with insurance formularies (lists of approved drugs and equipment)?
Will you support legislation that removes barriers to employment for people with disabilities; barriers like the lack of insurance coverage, cost of attendant services, and the like?

And, Ms. Lamm, where do you stand on the issue of assisted suicide? What do you think about the fact that Oregon has limited the use of pain controlling medication, while approving assisted suicide for Medicaid patients?

Since you were unable to come to Iliff, I hope you can answer my questions,

In Peace,


In response, Carrie received the following very brief, uninformative email from a member of Lamm's staff.

Thanks for contacting Dottie about the issues you outlined in your message.
The answer to all your questions is yes. Regarding patients' rights, Dottie is a strong supporter of the Pateints' Bill of Rights. Regarding assisted suicide, Dottie does not support that.

Omar Jabara

In sharing this correspondence with me, Carrie indicated her disappointment in Lamm's apparent lack of interest in these issues. The staffer's vague answers do nothing to illuminate Lamm's positions. Also, some of his responses - such as the one which says Lamm "does not support" assisted suicide - clearly contradict statements which Lamm herself has made in the past.

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