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From this page, you can read some of my longer writings on various subjects, and articles published by other magazines and websites. I will keep adding to this list, so check back from time to time. Also, I always welcome your feedback and discussion on the ideas I present!

Women with Disabilities: Health, Reproduction, and Sexuality
(Article from the International Encyclopedia of Women: Global Women's Issues and Knowledge, 4 volumes, published by Routledge Press, 2000.]

Distorted History and Voiceless Subjects Mar
Oscar-Winning Documentary "A Story of Healing"
(unpublished 1998 article)

How I (Finally) Escaped Social Security's Mandatory Poverty Trap
(as-yet-unpublished 2001 article)

From Poster Child to Protester
1993 article published in The Spectacle

Articles from Other Websites

"An Interview with Dr. Alan Clarke of New Zealand, Physician & Independent Living Advocate"
(Article published in the November/December 2002 edition of DisabilityWorld.)

"Confessions of a Cash Cow"
(Article about greed and waste in the home care industry published in the November 2001 edition of Ragged Edge.)

"Adult Protective Services vs. Jerry Chenoweth"
(Article published in the July 2001 edition of Ragged Edge.)

"An Interview with Dr. Anita Ghai, One of India's Advocates for Rights of Disabled Women"
(Article published in the September/October 2001 edition of DisabilityWorld.)

"Tanzania: Researcher Explores Lives of Disabled Women & Girls"
(Article published in the September/October 2001 edition of DisabilityWorld.)

"Politics, Poetry & Performance: Trinidad's Disabled Women Organize & Educate"
(Article published in the September/October 2001 edition of DisabilityWorld.)

"The Nutty Profess-ion"
(Article about the Jerry Lewis Telethon controversy published in the July 17, 2001 edition of rabble.)

PASS Hits a Wall
Cover story in the April 1998 issue of New Mobility
(Exposé about the Social Security Administration's abuse of work incentive program participants)

The International Leadership Forum for Women with Disabilities
Cover story in the December 1997 issue of New Mobility
(Report on a major global gathering of disabled women)

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