William Loughborough

At the kickoff meeting of the MediaTalk at a memorable meeting called the “May Media Meeting” I came into the Disability Rights Movement (DRM) because of a glance from Harriet and our subsequent connection was the kind of profound that left me crying uncontrollably on the morning I read of on the list of her passing.

At the “Disability Summit” in Charleston we communed closely and continued our emailing and list-responding in ways that made it clear just how far things like this site and all the blogs/wikis/sites that have tied us into a family have changed things for this community.

She was the age of my children and my idol/inspiration. Her memory/writing are burned in my soul/heart.

I won’t “miss” her because she’s tattooed on my brain.


From Remembering Harriet, 2008/06/04 at 11:38 PM

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