I can only imagine what Harriet would have to say about this —


“Jerry Lewis and the Muscular Dystrophy Association are sorry to hear about the passing of Ms. Johnson, an accomplished woman and an advocate for the disabled community. We offer her family our sincere condolences,” said Roxan Triolo Olivas, assistant director of public information for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
Quoted in the Charleston Post-Courier today,

2 Responses to “MDA”
  1. Robin Stephens says:

    Harriet would acknowledge the condolence, and in her Harriet way, make it clear that the only way to honor her memory is to shut down the Jerry Lewis telethon. She never gave up on that goal!!! Viva La Harriet.

  2. Errr. What?!? Sheesh I am really getting annoyed about MDA. Well, more than usual, first they offer a lawyer (not harriet, but um, well she knows she is) assistance in finding services, then they have the nerve to do this.

    2008, getting rid of Jerry will be oh so great.