Visiting Barry Corbet on Lookout Mountain
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  1. perhaps here, next to a photo of Harriet on a mountain, I can best share my longest hours with Harriet. We watched Brokeback Mountain and discussed it at dinner. Harriet lived every hour as an equal. Not complaining but demanding equality for all. Her demand was not shrill or pithy. The power of her intellect and friendship persuaded. She knew Ang Lee movies. From there we spoke of how two cowboys could love one another for a lifetime. When people can see and live as Harriet lived, accepting and challenging all to be equals, to be fully human with respect and dignity and meeting our shared needs, the life of Harriet will be lived within us all. I dearly hope that young law students will find somehow and from some source the legal light Harriet showed upon each case and cause. If there is a lawyer today tired of making the big money of wealth clients and mindful of Harriet’s jurisprudence, fill her shoes please. And to her family and all who love her, stay proud and stronger and happier because she lived. Faith and fact merged with Harriet. Believers and Atheists equal in our nation. That kind of life is heaven on earth we can build up together now.