Excerpts from Parade magazine, September 2, 1990:

"...I decided, after 41 years of battling this curse that attacks children of all ages and does it with 40 different ways to make its point (there are 40 different neuromuscular diseases), I would put myself in that chair ... that steel imprisonment that long has been deemed the dystrophic child's plight....
"...what about those who have no real use of their hands. For them there's additional indignities of being dressed, being fed, being everything they wouldn't have to be if only they had use of their hands....
"... I realize my life is half, so I must learn to do things halfway. I just have to learn to try to be good at being a half a person..."

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The following quotes come from Leslie Bennetts' article, "Jerry v. the Kids," Vanity Fair, September 1993:

About his critics:
"It just kills me to think about these people getting publicity. These people are leeches. They all glommed on to being Jerry-bashers. What did they have before that? They're disabled people who are so bitter at the bad hand they've been dealt that they have to take down somebody who's doing good. There's 19 of them, but these people can hurt what I have built for 45 years. There's a million and a half people who depend on what I do!
"I've raised one billion three hundred million dollars. These 19 people don't want me to do that. They want me to stop now? Fuck them. Do it in caps. FUCK THEM."

About our friend Mike Ervin, co-founder of Jerry's Orphans:
"This one kid in Chicago woul have passed through this life and never had the opportunity to be acknowledged by anybody, but he found out that by being a dissident he gets picked up in a limo by a television station."

To investigative journalists:
"If you do anything to hurt my kids, I'll have you killed. You understand? I'll have you killed."

When a poster child gets squirmy during a photo shoot:
"What did he get for breakfast? A little Ritalin never hurt any kid."

During the 1991 MDA Telethon, Lewis said that if a person is diagnosed with the disability called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS):
"You might as well put a gun in your mouth."

During the 1992 MDA Telethon, Lewis said:
"My kids cannot go into the workplace. There's nothing they can do. They've been attacked by a vicious killer. I'm begging for their survival."

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