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Some websites offer a long list of links, listing every resource on a given topic. That's NOTwhat you'll find here. Instead, I'm offering just a few good sites that you might not find otherwise. Some of these sites will help you further explore issues you have been reading about here at Crip Commentary. Others are just sites I like visiting again and again. I hope you'll enjoy them too!

Laura Hershey

Ragged Edge Magazine Online
Ragged Edge is one of the best sources of disability-rights news, ideas, personalities, and literature. This site has an extensive archive covering over a decade of the disability-rights movement's history.

Not Dead Yet is a national, grassroots, disability-rights organization which opposes the legalization of physician-assisted suicide, euthanasia, "futile care" guidelines, coercive DNRs, and other forms of medical discrimination based on disabilities.

The first-ever Queer Disability Conference, in June 2002, brought together over 300 activists, artists, and academics to explore disability issues from an LGBTI perspective, and vice versa. On this website you can read some of the conference presentations, find various resources, and join a queer disability listserv.

ADAPT stands for American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today. This national activist group advocates the development of national policies which would free disabled and older people from institutions, by offering the alternative of in-home community-based support services.

Poetry Daily
Read a new poem by a contemporary poet each day! This site also offers poetry news, links, and an extensive archive.
This new website/store, created by Carrie Lucas, sells merchandise, including original bumper stickers with messages of pride, peace, environmentalism, and more. New items are added periodically, so visit often!

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