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On the Lawn: Poems from the Nairobi Women's Conference

This 40-page chapbook tells one woman's story of the 1985 Women's Forum in Nairobi, Kenya. As a poet, as an American, and as a woman with a disability, Hershey articulates the profound impact which this global event had on her outlook and on her activism. This collection of poems -- vividly personal and unavoidably political -- illuminate the complex relationships among women divided and/or united by identity, economics, and nationality.

In the Way: ADAPT Poems

This 30-page chapbook chronicles "the ADAPT experience" through the eyes of a passionate activist and talented poet. It offers not only a moving collection of poems, but also an inside view of ADAPT.

Dreams of a Different Woman

This 51-page chapbook contains many of Hershey's more personal poems. These poems illuminate her dream life, contemplate the poetic process, express her desires and rages.

Flights: Poems from the Beijing Women's Conference

Ten years after the NGO Forum in Nairobi, the world's women came together again for the NGO Forum '95 in Beijing. There, Hershey met many more activist women with disabilities, but they encountered the same kinds of barriers as they did a decade earlier. These poems narrate Hershey's journey to China, and tell stories of women organizing against impossible odds.

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