1999 Editions of "Crip Commentary"

Read 11/17/99 Column - "Independent Living: Building Power Individually and Collectively"

Read 11/9/99 Column - "ADAPT or Perish"

Read 11/2/99 Column - "Attitudes about Disability Prove Almost Lethal"

Read 10/25/99 Column - "Crip Critic Goes to the Movies"

Read 9/10/99 Column - "Are We Making Progress in Educating Against the Telethon?"

Read 9/2/99 Column - "How Dare I Call Us Crip?"

Read 8/26/99 Column - "Will Genetic Research Lead to Eugenic Policies?"

Read 8/17/99 Column - "SSA Still Punishes People with Disabilities Who Work - and Their Advocates"

Read 8/7/99 Column - "The Award Acceptance Speech I Didn't Get to Deliver"

Read 7/26/99 Column - "ADA: Nine Years Later, Much Advocacy Work Remains to Be Done"

Read 7/22/99 Column - "Actors with Disabilities Perform Side Show with Powerful Authenticity"

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